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Almost a year ago we started our Ask an Investor Series on Jersey Digs. A place for you to write in and ask us all your real estate related questions. We are now also posting all of our responses here as well, to expand a little on our answers and provide a little more depth. Please keep writing in to Jersey Digs with all of your questions, we’re having a blast answering them!!

Any recommendations on tin ceiling repair contractors in Jersey City? Had a roof leak and now we’ve got rust and spots that have bubbled through.

It sounds like you may need to replace some of the tin panels if they have gotten wet enough to rust and bubble. We use an online tin provider, Decorative Ceiling Tiles (there are many to choose from), they have had exact matches for every pattern that we have needed so far. The panels generally come in 2 foot by 4-foot pieces so replacing 1 or 2 panels is fairly simple for any decent carpenter. Just make sure you check for mold above the ceiling before closing up the hole in the plaster behind the tin panels (and get the roof fixed first, of course).

We had to patch a tin ceiling a few years ago and the process went much more smoothly than we originally had thought.

We were worried that we wouldn’t be able to find the matching pattern, and that if we did, it would be more expensive than we had budgeted for. However, after a few quick Google searches we figured out the names of the patterns – Delicate Daisies for the tiles and Mini Egg-N-Dart for the cornice- and found a supplier!


The cost wasn’t a wallet killer so it was just a matter of waiting on the pieces to be shipped. While we waited, the ceiling was prepped by cutting away the damaged areas and ensuring that what had originally caused damage was repaired and cleaned up.

Many times with tin ceilings (really any ceiling) the damage is water related, so it’s important to make sure that the original cause is repaired and that any additional damage, like mold, is checked for and addressed. There is no point in putting up money and patching a ceiling if it will just have to be ripped down again.


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    Tin Ceiling Repair – Ask an Investor – GreenPen Investments – Very interesting

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