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We recently had to purchase fireproof paint to treat some doors at one of our rental properties. At $100 per gallon we wondered just how well the paint actually worked, and how well it worked versus an untreated door. So, we decided to do a little test to see.

We took a piece of scrap wood and cut it into equal size pieces – equal length, width and thickness. We left one bare and treated the other with white fireproof paint from Flame Control Coatings which we purchased from our local Sherwin-Williams. (We did forget to do a control and paint a third piece with regular white paint)

Each piece of wood was exposed to a continuous flame for 60 seconds, with the flames being approximately a fist length away.


The untreated piece of wood went up in flames. There was a lot of charring and damage.

The treated piece only seemed to smolder a bit and the burn stayed near the actual flame. Once we had finished the burn segment and observed the charred pieces, it appeared that the treated wood was undisturbed and only the paint was charred.

In order to see if the fire had truly penetrated, we scraped off all the char.

And compared their profiles



As you can see above, the untreated wood suffered severe damage and the piece is bowing. The treated piece is practically unscathed.

We’d say the paint definitely does what it’s supposed to and is worth every penny!

Take a look at a video of the full experiment below to see both pieces being burned side-by-side and watch how differently they react!



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