Q. How does GreenPen get paid?
A. We look at every deal with a very conservative and judgmental eye. In doing so, we know that every opportunity we bring to our investors is quality. To assure our investors of this quality and our commitment to them, we take a commission only off the profits of our deals.

Q. Why doesn’t GreenPen charge any fees?
We believe that if our investors are taking a risk, we should be as well, ‘putting some skin in the game’ as it were. We find that this is the best way to show our investors how confident we are in the opportunities we provide.

Q. How is GreenPen different than a REIT or a Hedge Fund?
A REIT or Hedge Fund will collect monies upfront and then invest them. They also, typically, collect a commission based on a percentage of the holdings and a percentage of the profit. GreenPen Investments, Inc. locates and analyzes opportunities before looking for funding. All of our investors work with us on a deal-by-deal basis, picking the individual deal that interests them. Along with this reverse system, GreenPen only collects a commission off of the profits we make our investors, rather than an additional commission based on the initial investment amount.

Q. Does anybody else do what GreenPen does?
A. We have yet to find a company that does. While GreenPen does have competition, their structure and strategies are different. Typically our competition are companies that focus on only one type of investment strategy or acquisition – flips, short-sales, bank owned, smaller apartment buildings. On the other end of our competition there are developers. GreenPen falls right in the middle, encompassing a variety of small, mid-size and large deals. What makes GreenPen unique is our focus and expertise on location.

Q. Who is GreenPen’s typical investor?
A. Our typical investor has a full-time career, family and retirement plan in place. This person has dreamt about investing in real estate for quite some time, but they do not have the time and/or the knowledge to move forward.  They also may have tried investing in real estate in the past, but due to the restrictions above, the deal did not pan out as planned.

Q. What are the Average Returns?
Because we work on several types of projects the returns vary based on the individual project.

Q. What types of Real Estate Investments does GreenPen do?
GreenPen works in a variety of property types. We started out on smaller residential properties, 2-10 unit buildings, and still work on those to this day. Many of our smaller deals are quickly turned over for a return. However, we have grown, and continue to do so, into larger commercial properties, 25-75 unit apartment buildings, office space and development. The focus on the larger deals is to buy and hold for passive income.

Q. What is the Average Investment Amount?

Q. Why shouldn’t I just buy my own investment property?
Investing in real estate and managing properties is a full-time job. Many of our investors used to be landlords and hated it. Not only does it take time, but expertise is extremely important, no one would consider filling their own cavities or doing their own heart surgery. Many things are important when investing in real estate, knowledge of the area, property, acquisition and exit strategies. Without the proper time and knowledge what was once a fantastic deal quickly turns into a money pit.